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*See below for my Calendar of Availability as well as a list of Frequently Asked Questions

Whats A Booking Fee?

A booking fee is a portion of the full event price paid before your event. It is payable online through PayPal or on various booking sites like GigMasters or GigSalad. I collect a booking fee before my events to ensure my availability and to mark off your requested time on my calendar. Collecting a booking fee is pretty common for variety entertainment, and it also helps open up my availability for events.

Why do you not list your prices online?

Because many events differ for the entertainment services I offer, it's difficult to give an exact price that covers the need of all events. It's best to contact me and we can negotiate pricing as well as the time and services offered to best meet your event's needs and theme.

What can we expect?

Clients can expect a professional entertainer dressed for the occasion. I have a variety of costumes to best fit your event or show. During my time there I will interact with crowds in an appropriate, friendly, and coherent manner, be it on the stage during my choreographed routines or close in person entertaining guests on the side. For teaching you can expect clear and understandable instructions targeted towards your learning style and skill level. I can teach complete beginners to advanced jugglers. And most of all you can expect a juggler knowledgeable of many tricks to give you and your guests an amazing time!

When do you arrive?

I will call the day before to check in with you, and also send you a text a few hours before leaving to your event. The day of your event, I will arrive at least 30 minutes to 1 hour before showtime to designate the performance area, to set up, and to ensure everything is ready to go by show time.

Are you insured?

I am a fully insured entertainer and am knowledgeable in fire safety to keep both myself and your guests safe during my fire shows. For fire performances I require approval from the venue as well as an open area clear of flammables to fire spin. I have my own fire extinguisher and duvetine blankets for fire safety. If you would like night entertainment but the venue doesn't allow fire I have LED juggling props that would be a perfect alternative.

Do we have to provide a sound system for you?

I have my own portable speaker system, microphones, and portable lights/blacklights so you don't have to worry about providing a sound or lighting system yourself. They are all battery powered and don't need an outlet. If you do have a larger stage and sound/lighting technicians I can provide music either on tablet, USB drive, or through email; and I will go over lighting and sound setup with the technicians before the show.

How Much Space do you need?

For stage shows the stage itself should have enough space for me to perform and move around. I have performed on small stages before that were very close to the crowd. If your event does not have a stage, that is perfectly okay too! In that case, be sure to clear out part of your yard or house to provide at least 10ft x 10ft where I can perform. Keep in mind, I can perform my most amazing tricks in bigger spaces, especially ones that allow me to toss high.

Do you only perform Solo?

I sometimes perform in groups with my friends. If you would like multiple people who offer circus entertainment, balloon twisting, face painting, magic, etc at your event I would be more than happy to reach out to my friends and find who's available. Do keep in mind, having another entertainer join me will raise the price I charge for your event. You don't need to worry about hiring and paying us as a separate companies. Upon paying The Spin Force I will handle payment delegation to the other performers that join me.

How big of a class can you teach?

The size of the class is usually limited by how much gear I have. I do have enough gear of various props to be provided for guests to use; specifically for diabolo lessons I can accommodate a class size of up to 60. For ball juggling I can also handle large classes. Gear will also be available for purchase for those interested in pursuing their practice further, and for ball juggling specifically I can lead the class through a crafts workshop where we make balls out of balloons and birdseed.

Additional Notes

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask me through email, text, or via call and I would be more than happy to provide you with additional information.